Mad Dosh 


Mad Dosh,his real name being Dane P. Pennington, was born to a farmer's daughter and a duke in the EndLand Kingdom in the province know as Hache Plains. His father wanted him to be of royalty and trained him to be a noble, while his mother often discouraged Dane from being a noble and rather be a simple farmer like her father. Dane at age 15 with over 11 years of training in the art of chivalry, went to the castle of the royal king Theodore LVI, but instead of trying to secure a place at the kingdom he became mesmerized with all of the wealth that the king had. When Dane came home he dropped all classes at the Learnig School for Well Behaved Nobles and took less interest in farming, he instead started working odd jobs in the quest for wealth. Dane eventually saw that working jobs all day and night didn't bring in enough dough, so he started taking up underground fighting, he went undefeated with 134 wins. (in his weight divison) earning him the title "Mad Dosh, He got  the first part of the title, Mad because he would take down anyone who looked at him wrong, and Dosh for his never ending drive for money. Dosh at age 17 bought a shop at the market and slowly but surely started racking up cash in hope of making himself the richest man alive. Dosh soon enough at age 19 owned all of the local stores of his home town, and after earning enouggh to secure the market back home he left town to buy more buisnesses for his monopoly.  After 2 years of going town to town buying out stores he travels to the city-state of Dedore, the very town which contains the kingdom, he continues his quest for extreme wealth. We start our story with him at age 21 working various jobs to buy out the stubborn locals of Dedore, and he just took up a job with a certain not-so attractive commoner hobgoblin.



Gene Noaim, also known as rook, is the son of the famous war hero Tim Noaim who fought in the King's War. Tim became a 7 star general and retired to a peaceful life in the country, until his first son Gene was born. Everyone thought that Gene would grow up to be just like his dad, but when the little guy couldn't even hold a bb gun by age 8 (his dad could lift a gatling gun at 3) hope was lost. Gene was a dissapointment to his dad, and was treated like horrible family secret. Gene's only joy was found in his friend Jane who introduced him to art. Gene's art on paper looks like a chicked threw up on paper, but he can make life like wood carvings and made most of his cash this way (His dad would only buy him bread, water, and clothes, so Gene ended up providing for himself) Gene's life took a turn for the worse when his brother John was born. At age 2 John could out lift his brother and quickly became the pride of his father. Gene was kicked out of the house at age 12, and soon forgotten by the family, except for his father. His father hated hearing about Gene being the first son and how wimpy he was, His dad soon devised a plan. At age 15 Gene was signed up for the army by his father, illeagaly, his dad hoped that Gene would die in boot camp and he would never be spoken of again. Now out of boot camp and into the battlefield Gene must win the war, while trying to survive,