Comic 68 - an artist rendition
8th Apr 2015, 7:35 PM in MILITARY
an artist rendition
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Author Notes:
HobGoblin edit delete
You show the medic your map, he stare dumbfounded for a couple seconds. You didn't know your art had such an awe inspiring effect on people, maybe after this is over you'll become a professional artist. You ask him "Does this look like what you wanted to do?" He replies "Yes, instead of thinking about the plan or checking your equipment, I wanted you to whip out your crayons and paint a masterpiece of artistic acheivement, nice going Leonardo Da Vinci." Wow this guy really like your art! "Okay you seem a bit dense so, I'll just say this: take out that mounted gun and the guy manning it, alright? or do you want to draw a picture of it? "Oh I would love to! you reply. "Shut up we're moving right now." He picks up his gear and starts heading forward.